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From start to finish, there are many phases of construction, these are just a few examples of what entails during the process of building a new home.


Project Design




Contractor Services


Interior Painting











Get Pre-Approved

Find Out Your Budget

If you require financing for your custom home, whether interim or long-term financing, we work closely with a preferred lender who provides fantastic service, competitive rates and years of residential lending expertise.

Jobsite Location

The Location Of Your Future Dream Home

Location isn't the only factor when we are discussing lots. The cost of your lot influences the budgeting agenda, so it's always best to find the best value. We can help you with that!

Design Your Home

Drafting a Construction Plan

We will meet with you in our office/showroom to learn what you are looking for in a new home. Understanding your budget, your vision, and your property characteristics will shape your layout.

Finalize House Details

Product Selections

Here you will choose all your product design selections for all interior elements and exterior elements. This phase is where character is added to your floor plan design.

Breaking Ground, It's Time To Build

Sit Back And Relax...

As the construction unfolds, our skilled craftsmen make sure your expectations are met and your home is completed on time.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you’re exploring new construction options, you’ll see that each plan comes with a base cost. This is the cost of the structure itself, as well as base interior and exterior features. Make sure in the midst of negotiations that both parties are on the same page. It’s good to be mindful of what the cost of the lot is!

Builders provide an in house 1-year warranty. There are other warranties which are 3rd party, a common example is 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty. Inquire for more information to hear about your options.

The standard dollar per square foot varies builder to builder. For example, our current rate for stucco includes a layer of block. Meanwhile, other builders may not use block. Instead, OSB plywood is used by other builders. Inquire about our competitive rates today and see what’s included within our standard finish.

Within city limits, there is most likely going to be regulations. If you’re trying to bypass HOA, ask what lots we may have that have regulations, but with no HOA fees!

If you have a house to sell first or you’re going to be renting, it’s crucial to be aware of a 180 day timeline. While the building process is prone to delays, you’ll be able to get a general idea of what you can expect completion.

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