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Here at Reflection Homes, we know it’s not easy to decide which general contractor best suits you. After all, cost isn’t everything. Quality, experience, cooperation, and on-time performance are crucial factors to consider as well.

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Below are a few of our prefab home solutions.

How We Create Our Prefab Homes

Longevity is the most important factor in design and quality. Each project is built to last, not only quality wise, but design wise.

Designer Vision

The latest trends in residential construction are researched and developed. Then we engineer a layout for our jobsite.

Quality Materials

Before our project can be approved by the city, we must begin to formulate a color/material palette.

Turnkey Delivery

Finally, after city approval, construction commences! And the mission to create a finished polished family move-in ready home continues.

The Process

We understand there's a lot of information and we want to make it easy for you. From the idea of purchasing your home to closing and receiving your house keys.

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